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Australian Buyers Express Great Interest in Our AAC Panel for Hospital Projects

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Australian Buyers Express Great Interest in Our AAC Panel for Hospital Projects

A group of buyers from Australia recently visited our company to discuss a hospital project. During the meeting, our AAC panel product caught their great interest as it can be used for internal walls, external walls, and floor partitions in buildings. What's more, our AAC panel is the only product in China with codemark certification, proving its excellent quality.

AAC panel is a lightweight and versatile building material made from high-quality materials such as slag, cement, and gypsum. It boasts exceptional thermal insulation, fire resistance, and sound absorption properties, along with durability and flexibility. These features make AAC panel widely used in hospital projects and other construction endeavors.

The fact that our AAC panel has obtained codemark certification, which is a stringent test and certification process according to Australian building standards, impressed the buyers. They expressed their satisfaction with our product and mentioned that they would further discuss the details with their engineers before proceeding with in-depth negotiations.

The buyers have shown great confidence in the performance and potential applications of our AAC panel. They are keen to incorporate our product into their future hospital projects. This meeting not only affirmed the quality of our product but also recognized the efforts and expertise of our team.

Moving forward, we will maintain close collaboration with the buyers, delivering high-quality products and services. We are committed to contributing to the construction of hospitals in Australia. This successful meeting has bolstered our confidence in future cooperation with Australian buyers. We believe that as AAC panel gains popularity and usage in the Australian market, our product will bring more innovation and development opportunities to the construction industry.

We look forward to further collaboration with Australian buyers and providing them with more premium architectural solutions.

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