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Fireproofing Coextrusion WPC floor for Plank path

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Basic Info

Introducing Coextrusion WPC floor - the perfect blend of professionalism and marketing appeal. This cutting-edge flooring option, also known as Coextrusion wood plastic composite floor, offers unmatched protection and style.

With its unique "cover" technology, Coextrusion WPC floor provides superior defense against scratches, stains, and fading. The extruded surface, made from high-quality engineered plastics, is encased in a plastic outer shell, creating an impermeable layer of protection.

Stand out from the competition with Coextrusion WPC floor's durability and aesthetic charm. Whether it's a commercial or residential space, this flooring solution is sure to leave a lasting impression. Elevate your marketing game with Coextrusion WPC floor.

Coextrusion WPC floorCoextrusion WPC floor


Coextrusion WPC floor

Material: 55% white wood flour + 35% PE plastic + 10% additives
Surface Treatment: Sanding, brushing, wood grain, mix color, smooth

Coextrusion WPC floorCoextrusion WPC floorCoextrusion WPC floor



Embrace a sustainable lifestyle and join the movement towards a greener future. Our 100% recycled product not only reduces waste but also helps preserve the environment for generations to come.

Effortless installation

Say goodbye to the hassle and frustration of complicated installations. Our product is designed to be cut, fastened, nailed, and painted with ease, saving you valuable time and energy. Get your project up and running in no time!

Extended lifespan

Invest in a product that will withstand the test of time. Our waterproof, antiseptic, and slip-resistant material ensures a longer service life, free from cracks, disruptions, warping, and the potential harm caused by wood thorns. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment will endure for years to come.

Low maintenance

Experience the freedom of a maintenance-free lifestyle. Our product requires no painting and naturally carries its own vibrant color. Bid farewell to worries about pests and insects, as our product is resistant to their destructive tendencies. Spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying the beauty of your space.

Superior performance

Indulge in the best of both worlds with our product. It not only replicates the look and feel of real wood but also outperforms it in every aspect. With its minimal water absorption, excellent dimensional stability, and negligible expansion or contraction, our product sets a new standard for performance and durability. Elevate your space with a product that combines style and functionality seamlessly.

Coextrusion WPC floor


The WPC floor/ WPC wall panel can be used in Park/Garden, Plank path, Seaside resort, Deck, Furniture outdoor facilities, Greenway.

Coextrusion WPC floorCoextrusion WPC floorCoextrusion WPC floor

Production Process

Harnessing the power of innovative equipment and cutting-edge production engineering, we have revolutionized the way WPC products are manufactured. Our unwavering dedication to quality is evident in our meticulous quality control system and streamlined production process. With our creative approach, we offer customers a diverse range of multi-layered solutions that are not only of the highest quality but also push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of WPC. Experience the difference of our imaginative and inventive solutions for all your WPC needs.

Coextrusion WPC floor


Coextrusion WPC floor


Coextrusion WPC floor


Products Certification: CE, SGE, RoSH, and Intertek
Quality Managemant System Certification: ISO9001, ISO14000

Coextrusion WPC floor

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