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Production Process of AAC

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Production Process of AAC

AAC Panel is the shortened form of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel. 

The main materials of AAC panel are silicon sand, cement, lime etc. Reinforced with anti-stain processed steel bar, the concrete panel with many air holes was formed after high-temperature, high-pressure protection with steam. It's a new type constructional material with excellent functions. 

There are patents of Germany and Sweden and Japan included in the production equipments. The complete production process, from mixing raw material, anti-stain processing of steel bar, organizing into frame, pouring paste on, cutting, steaming and pressing to surface processing, is calculated accurately with computer program and has a rigid QC control.

1. Raw material Preparation
Mix silica sand, cement, calcium lime, and gypsum, and then add a little aluminum powder to the slurry.

2. Steel bar Assembling
Assemble the anti-rust treated steel bars into mesh frames, then put them into the moulds, and pour the material slurry

3. Foaming
Chemical reactions begin after the pouring of the slurry. Bubbles appear evenly in the mould structure. The bubbles emerging at the time will determine the performance of AAC panels.

4. Cutting
After the structure gains its early strength foaming and waiting, cut with piano wires and get the needed length, width, and thickness of the panels.

5. Autoclave Treatment
Use autoclaves to treat AAC panels and make them hardened in high-temperature and high-pressure steams.

6. Post-Processing
Decorative patterns will be made on the surfaces of the autoclaved panels that have been treated in autoclaves, according to the customer's requirements.

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