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Pure Color UV Coating Digital Printing Wall Silica Mineral Board for Carport

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Basic Info

Printed Interior Wall

Printed Interior Wall

Harnessing the expertise of our distinguished craftsmen, we merge a precise combination of ingredients and materials under meticulously controlled conditions of high temperature and pressure. This meticulous process culminates in the formation of the esteemed tober morite crystals.

Setting ourselves apart from the competition, we proudly declare the complete absence of glue and any formaldehyde-containing substances in our revolutionary approach. Instead, we rely on the authoritative power of hydration polymerization to yield boards of unparalleled excellence.

Rest assured, our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every board produced through our method adheres to the highest standards. Embrace the assurance of our authoritative process and elevate your space with the epitome of craftsmanship and distinction. Experience the pinnacle of excellence with our superior boards, crafted with the utmost precision and expertise

Printed Interior Wall

Printed Interior Wall

Details Images

Printed Interior Wall

Printed Interior Wall

Printed Interior Wall


Printed Interior Wall


Printed Interior Wall


Printed Interior Wall


Printed Interior Wall

Company Profile

Jiangsu Huilong International Corporation founded in 2001, is a leading supplier of building material. We offer the most efficient solution in construction systems.
Our products have national and international recognized certification. The manufacturing process is carefully monitored at all stages in order to guarantee the best quality for our customers.
We believe that if it's worth building, it's worth building well! Choose us and win your business!

Printed Interior Wall


Q1: Experience the excellence of our samples, curated by industry experts.

A: Delve into the world of our exceptional products with confidence, as our samples are meticulously selected by our team of authoritative industry experts. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to witness the unparalleled quality firsthand, free of charge.

Q2: Unleash the power of our installation expertise, guided by seasoned professionals.

A: Entrust your installation needs to our team of seasoned professionals, backed by years of experience and unmatched expertise. We provide detailed installation drawings and instructions, ensuring a seamless process. For added assurance, our highly skilled engineers can be dispatched to oversee the installation, guaranteeing a flawless outcome.

Q3: Empower yourself with flexible delivery options tailored to your convenience.

A: We understand the importance of convenience and cost-effectiveness in delivery. Choose from a range of options including EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, and more, as we prioritize your convenience. Rest assured that our authoritative approach ensures a smooth and efficient delivery process.

Q4: Uncompromising quality, upheld through rigorous inspections.

A: Our commitment to delivering impeccable quality is unwavering. We adhere to stringent production procedures, meticulously controlling every aspect of the process. Prior to shipment, our authoritative final inspection ensures that only products of the highest standards reach your hands.

Q5: Prompt and authoritative quotations, tailored to your specific requirements.

A: Your time is valuable, and we recognize that. By providing us with detailed requests, our authoritative team will promptly respond within 24 hours, offering a comprehensive quotation tailored to your specific needs. Experience the confidence that comes with our authoritative approach to serving you.

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Jiangsu Huilong International Corporation
It is a leading supplier of building material. We offer the most efficient solution in construction systems. Our products include AAC panel, ALC panel, LVL & Plywood, building hardware, machinery and so on.

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